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Music, considered taboo practice by many traditional Muslims, has also become one of the most prominent methods for Muslims to share their faith internationally through Muslim Hip Hop. Hip Hop is a global phenomenon reaching from the skyscraper laden skies of New York all the way to the deep deserts of Arabia and beyond. It is a subculture that transcends boundaries of language, gender, and religion. Deen Tight brings to the screen the untold story of Western Muslims struggling to find a balance between their culture and their religion.

Filmed on location with Muslim rappers, DJs, slam poets, breakdancers and a graffiti artist in concerts, recording studios, at homes and in the streets. Our story focuses on the perceived conflict between traditional religious ideals and modernity, as well as both the positives and negatives of Western Pop culture on todays’ Muslim youth.

Amir Sulaiman: Events For Good

Amir Sulaiman Dunya

Paradise On Earth

By Murtaza Khan. This lecture looks at the reality of living in this dunya. It compares how a disbeliever sees and lives in this world as apposed to a Muslim. The disbelievers blaspheme about Allah with regards to how the world was created and they follow this up by blaspheming on the earth. Their goal is to seek the life of this world and gain from it that which fits their pleasures. A time will come when they will know reality. Muslims on the other hand see their life progress through 3 stages: when they are in their mothers womb; when they plant their seeds in this world and when they pluck the fruits of their efforts in paradise. A Muslim should live his life in this dunyah like a traveller who only stops to take refuge in the shade and sees this life only as a stepping stone to the hereafter. Muslims should seek the reward of the hereafter with the blessings Allah has given them in this world. The real Paradise is reserved for those who believe.

mary the mother of ......?

What role does Mary, the mother of Jesus play in 3 of the worlds largest religions? An open forum with Shaykh Khalid Yasin Executive Director of the Islamic Teaching Institute (ITI) Robert Haddad Educator, St Charbel s College Rev. Andrew Katay Convener, Sydney Uni Anglican Chaplaincy

Death Your Time Is Up


racism youth issues

The Quran In The Modern World ( New )

Collapse 2009.

A documentary on Michael Ruppert, a police officer turned independent reporter who predicted the current financial crisis in his self-published newsletter, From the Wilderness.

Malcolm X DVD 1 & 2

Valley of the Wolves Iraqi 2006 Turkey EngSub

Directed by Serdar Akar
Produced by Raci Şaşmaz
Written by Raci Şaşmaz
Bahadır Özdener
Starring Necati Şaşmaz
Billy Zane
Ghassan Massoud
Gary Busey
Diego Serrano
Gürkan Uygun
Bergüzar Korel
Music by Gökhan Kırdar
Distributed by Pana Film
Release date(s) 2006-02-03
Running time 122 minutes

New Dvix it is slow buffer, download old dvix for firster

Why Man Should Recognise God

Similarities between Hinduism and Islam

Great scholar of comparative religion explains similarities between two important religions of south Asia. These two religion causes to divide sub continents into two different sates only for the cause of religion. Speaker has done good research and used his knowledge in convincing manner in order to represent similarities between these religions

Former rap artist Loon accepts Islam

Interview with rap artist turned Muslim- Aljazeera


Muslim Student - Maldives

The Angels and the Jinn

Islam and Democracy

Loving Allah and His Messenger

Those Who Desire Paradise

Paradise is a beautiful place where Muslims will enter on the Day of Judgement by the will of Allah. However in order to take a seat in Paradise, we must strive very hard in this life. In this lecture, Bilal Assad narrates inspiring stories, which shakes the heart and causes the eyes to shed tears, of men and women who truly deserved Paradise by remaining firm on their religion despite all the merciless persecution and hardship. These inspirational stories are from before, after and during the time of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Ahmed The Repenter


In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Sheikh Feiz - Copyright


Ahmad The Repenter:

Asalaamu Alaykum.

I was listening to one of your responses on copyright issues,

Now I wanted to know, that the Islamic lectures which are produced and have copyright labels; shouldn't we obey it because lets look at it this way:

All the time and effort to record that lecture, then all the time and effort to edit and all the time and effort to make the cover and to make copies onto dvd and to place them in cases. now if we look at all of this it all adds up money, weather the ink, cd's etc..

And lets say an Islamic organization sells Islamic lectures and they produce it. Are we not suppose to support them by buying the product so they can produce more islamic lectures in the future and also people do this job as a living, so is the copyright feature haram to have after all these points are into thought?

So Insh'Allah can you clear up things for me.

May Allah reward you brother Shaykh Feiz Insh'Allah with the best of rewards Jannah.

Wasalaam Walakum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.


Sheikh Feiz:

Asalaamu Alaykum warahmatAllah wabarakatahu.
Dear brother Ahmad the Repenter i ask the Almighty to increase your knowledge,knowledge that is implemented then taught then patience in the face of adversity is observed.

I appreciate your understanding to this issue,the issue of copyright in islam, and i do respect your view.However there are a few things that i believe that should be looked at before passing any judgements on this issue, for indeed it is an issue of great controversy.

-Firstly:Islam is not the property of an individual.The Quran and the sunnah are divine revelations revealed to man in order that they be followed.

-Secondly: There is no precedent in the glorious Word of the Almighty nor in the sunnah, nor in the views of the early jurists (fuqaha) that knowledge of islam can be subjected to private ownership or to sale and purchase.

-Thirdly:I see it as a major obstuction in the spreading of this beautiful deen,as many people can only afford their basic daily needs which i believe are the majority,therefore copyright prevents these people from learning their deen.

-Forthly:Many people buy their islamic material on line which in reality could lead to a prohibited act (i.e) credit cards etc...

-Fifthly:Copyright today for most people has become no more than business,where many people have lost the real focus of dawah which should be solely for the sake of Allah.

What i see from all this and much more my beloved brother Ahmad is that copyright is a major prevention of spreading this beautiful deen to the world.

Allah the Most High says in surat Ad-Duha:11 (interpretation of its meaning):
"And proclaim the grace of your Lord"

The prophet (peace be upon him) said:"Convey regarding me even if it were one verse"

He (peace be upon him) also said:"Whoever calls people to right guidance will have a reward like that of those who follow him,without that detracting from their reward in the slightest..."Narrated by Muslim, "

So how can one convey this beautiful deen which is the greatest treasure on this earth when he is prevented from doing so because of copyright.

May Allah the Almighty forgive us for our shortcomings and guide us to that which He loves and is pleased with.
This is my opinion and Allah knows best.
Sh Feiz,wa salam alaykum warahmatAllah wabarakatahu



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